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Name: Toyosi Etim-Effiong


Profession: TV Producer, Presenter and Food Entrepreneur


Are you a Feminist: Not entirely. I support feminism in every sphere of life except marriage. In a marriage, I believe that feminism should be kept at the door and the husband left to play his role as the head of the home.


Why?: For the simple reason that two pilots cannot fly a plane independent of each other at the same time and marriages are the most fragile of planes. When flying, there’s always a pilot and a co-pilot who funny enough always gets a chance to fly the plane! Power tussles in homes only lead to crashes.


What does Feminism Mean to me?: Feminism to me is the fight for the equality of men and women; where women are given the same opportunities and rewards as their male counterparts.


Funniest/Silliest anti feminist comment: Na woman. Leave am.

Name: Eki Ogunbor


Age: 26


What you do: Editor, BellaNaija Style


What does Feminism mean to you?: Being able to live your best life as a woman in an equal, positive, non-hostile environment, in an inspiring yet impactful way. It also means being rewarded for your hard work as a human, a woman, as is should be.


Are you a feminist?: According to my understanding of it, yes I am.


Why?: I believe in equality and meritocracy and I can’t pretend that women don’t go through a lot of discrimination from the society because they are women


Funniest or Silliest Anti/Pro Feminist comment you’ve heard: A woman belongs in the kitchen, the sitting room, and the other room lol


Name: Abimbola Craig
Age: 31
*What you do: I am a producer, actor and lawyer.
*Are you a feminist? I am FEMALE
What does Feminism mean to you? *Gender equality. Women being given the same roles, pay and respect as men in the professional, economics, social and political sector.
Funniest or Silliest Anti/Pro Feminist comment you’ve heard.
*There are too many ?? when people say women belong in the kitchen! I reply men too, matter of fact we ALL do. I think we all need to educate ourselves more.

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