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Simple Skincare for the Lady Boss by Arami Essentials

Before the sun comes up, you’ve already sent 10 emails and are on your second cup of coffee.  By the time the sun goes down, you’re enroute to a very important meeting while on a conference call trying to secure that deal in London. Time is of the essence, and right now you don’t have the time to indulge in that much needed facial, let alone follow a 10-step routine.

We get it. You honestly care about your skin and you want to walk into next week’s board meeting with ‘that glow’; looking the part can’t be ignored when you’re rising the corporate ladder or building a fast-growing business.  However, skincare just doesn’t make it onto your list of priorities when you’re trying to conquer the world.  Flawless skin seems like it’s only attainable to women who have spa days 3 times a week and spend the summer sipping bellinis on a yacht in Monaco or St Tropez.


But what if you found out caring for your skin could be simple AND effective?


Here are 5 beauty tips for the women on-the-go:

Tip 1

Always cleanse – wash your face every morning and evening to remove dirt, makeup and dead skin.  This will assist with reducing breakouts and brightening dull skin.  Try our Onyx Polish which can be used on your face & body.

Tip 2

Eat right – when you’re busy you’re either eating the quickest thing which is usually junk or not eating at all which is equally as bad for your skin. Reduce oil, sugar, dairy and salt and watch your skin need less attention.

Tip 3

Moisturise – sometimes all your skin needs is a little wake me up. Moisturising every morning & evening can change the appearance of your skin as you revive dry skin, revealing skin softer than a baby’s. Bonus tip: moisturise as soon as you come out of the shower while your skin is still slightly damp, as it helps to seal in even more moisture and creates that natural dewy glow. Try our range of oils and butters – Coco Oil, Glow Oil & Ivory Butter which work to lock in moisture.

Tip 4

Use SPF – no matter your skin tone or type, it is essential you use a sunscreen daily to avoid damage which can lead to major skin health issues later in life.  Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for full protection.

Tip 5

Take care when travelling – meetings & conferences sometimes take you on adventure out of the country, but don’t let your skin suffer just because you’re away from home.  Since your skin may become dull and dry after long travels, try exfoliating with an oil rich scrub such as our Glow Scrub to wake up your skin and remove any dead cells.

Arami Essentials was founded in 2016 to provide natural beauty alternatives for people in need of a simple routine. Arami is committed to giving its customers a unique buying experience and products that are designed to work.  Arami aims to move Nigeria to the forefront of the global beauty industry and grow Nigeria’s economy by promoting its raw materials.We hope to encourage self-love, and create products that our customers love. You can shop Arami here:

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