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On Building a Personal Brand – Ozinna

Ozinna Anumudu is the founder of the brand management company, The Style Concierge, which caters to creatives & businesses in the fashion & lifestyle industry. serves as a medium for Zina to share her work, her fashion, her life and everything in between. She's also collaborated with Lady Biba to bring to life the Lady Boss Magazine.

You don’t really realise you have become a personal brand until you start looking at yourself objectively. The fact that I work in branding and communications, allowed me to have this “Ah-ha” moment a bit earlier than others. The journey was not intentional but has become very purpose driven

I fell in love with Nigerian brands when I moved home in December 2013, and made a conscious effort to discover as many as I could. I would religiously shop these brands and share their details with my followers ( I probably only had a thousand followers at the time).

However, in no time, brands would reach out to me, in the hopes that I would promote their brand to my audience. This was when I realised I was building a personal brand and decided to look at the brand “Ozinna” objectively and asked myself questions I would typically ask a client brand :

  1. What is Your Unique Selling Point?

  2. What is your brand objective?

  3. Who is your target audience?

I realised my USP is the fact that I have a curious audience that loves my Nigerian fashion approach and decided to make it my objective to share these brands and allow people shop them – – my target audience at large is global, with a common goal of sharing the Nigerian fashion scene with the world.


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