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Cover Story – Dolapo Oni

One fact united all the eager smiles in the room on that warm afternoon – she’s indeed a Lady Boss.  A lady is a woman who is courteous and decorous, yet a boss is someone who is somewhat domineering, and always in control. Although the term gives off an oxymoronic ideology – we can’t help but describe her as one.

You notice her smile before her person, her laugh before her voice: her aura before her presence. As Dolapo showed up on the set, the energy in the room swayed in an agreeable direction.

You see, the people in the room admired her for many different reasons: from her social media personality, her fun youtube pregnancy vlogs, her strong voice on her various shows and for some, it was her energetic stage presence.

We teased her about looking so perfect and ladylike, sharing semblance of A Stepford Wife – however, her character on the inside assured you she had everything working as she wanted or rather allowed it to be.

 Over the years, from a very young age Dolapo has conquered the media space , with her strong strides in the UK and then creating an impact in the Nigerian media scene. Her journey is on full throttle as she coasts along with hopes of winning an Oscar in the near future.  With the birth of her son, Xander, she has taken over the motherhood space and is controlling the narrative by not only learning but educating first time and other mothers as well.

Everyone thought I was mad but if you really know me you’ll know I don’t have airs and graces like that.

Speaking to the actress, she shed some more light on the interesting journey thus far:

Tell us about Dolapo Oni :

Dolapo: I am an Actor/TV Presenter, Wife, Mother to a beautiful baby boy and I’m the youngest of 4 children. I spent 20 years living in the U.K. before I moved back to Nigeria in 2010. I have a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol. I love watching movies and I’m a real foodie!

On exploring Media after Chemistry :

DolapoAfter I got my Chemistry degree I attended Drama School (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) in London straight after. I had a passion to be an actor from the age of 10 when I watched my first musical at the Oxford Playhouse. That was when I found a love for the arts.

Moments with Mo:

Dolapo: I believe in going for what you want. It seemed like a great opportunity and they had open auditions. Everyone thought I was mad but if you really know me you’ll know I don’t have airs and graces like that. I wanted it so I went for it and got it. Plain and Simple.

Describing the transition from Television to Youtube :

Dolapo: I wouldn’t say I have moved to Youtube. Its more of an addition to my repertoire and it was quite seamless. We are in the age of social media. People want to watch shows at their own convenience and not have to stick to a time slot. I just decided to try my hand at it by putting on my panel show “So You Wanna Get Married” and I really got into my stride with my Pregnancy Diaries and Baby Diaries. And now my show “So You Wanna Get Married” is on TV in the U.K.


Success to Dolapo

Dolapo: Success is using my God-given gifts to have an extraordinarily positive impact on the lives of others and the world. Being Successful not just in my work but most importantly in my family as a wife and a mother. Not neglecting and one of those strands.

If it wasn’t media, it would have been :

Advertising. I actually applied to a few companies whilst I was in University. None of the responses was positive!

Motherhood  is :

Amazing, Challenging, Eye-Opening, Heartwarming and Beautiful.

Does work/life balance exist :

Yup! But ultimately it is a choice.

In five years, Dolapo will be :

Winning an Oscar!

What to expect from Dolapo

More Movie and I’m currently in London and I’m starring in a play called “The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives” at the Arcola Theatre. Its on from June 7th-July 21st. It’s going to be an amazing show.




Interview and Creative Direction: The Style Concierge

Photography: Ellisoft

Makeup: Lillian Paul for Black Opal

Hair: Anne Elise Hair



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